ZTE, established brand of mobile device partners with Ninetology for our broad distribution channels. As a result, ZTE’s brand awareness and sales are significantly boosted.
Digi, renowned mobile service provider and an operator of GSM 1800 mobile service which is Ninetology’s partner in the bundling program. Combination of both Hardware and Software elements in providing users value for money
services & products.
P1, provides the top notch high speed 4G wireless high speed internet access experience & collaborates with Ninetology in the bundling program. Our collaboration fully utilizes Mobile Internet connectivity.
Go Launcher, is now on Ninetology’s products and this instantaneously provides users the best features such as extra screens, customizable docks, them and screen gestures of the ADW with add-ons of smooth, gesture-filled dock of the LauncherPro.
Qualcomm, renowned partner of Ninetology with its superb technology in producing CPU chip, motherboards and processors. Qualcomm provides top-notch technical support, hardware and software customizations.
MTK, developed a great joint-branding relationship with Ninetology in producing a distinctive patent in our combined technology. MTK’s expertise comprises of processors, motherboards and CPU chip development.
Crowdpot is a new enabling platform for brands and business to engage with bloggers and online community with our unique thumb-tipping mechanism.
Tencent, tapped into the Malaysian market and into our lifestyles with the WeChat mobile messagingplatform. Accomplished organization, with millions of registered users throughout the region, Tencentis Ninetology’s proud partner in software development.
Clixster is a bumiputra owned telecommunication company which seeks to cater to the nation, providing best network and data coverage in any parts of the country.
Tunetalk is the fastest growing Mobile Virtual Network (MVNO) in the country, targeting to provide the best, low call rates and value for money services.